"Bton has developed from a research and development laboratory into an industrial company that produces environmentally optimised and climate-positive concrete and commercialises its technologies."

Our Mission

Decarbonise Concrete Production

The importance and issues of concrete


Twice as much concrete is used than all other construction materials combined


40% of concrete exists to support its own weight


Cement (the main component of concrete) is responsible for 8% of global emissions


Constructive sand is becoming less available worldwide

Bton's Solution 

Climate-Positive Concrete


The development of Bton

Bton has developed from a research and development laboratory into an industrial company that produces environmentally optimised and climate-positive concrete and commercialises its technologies.

Our patented mixing and process technologies and the protected recipes have been developed over many years and are implemented in our precast concrete plant.

Over 6500 mixes and tests were carried out during the R&D phase. This pool of formulas and experience offers great potential for optimisation for every type of concrete.

Bton addresses the following topics:

  • Reduction and elimination of CO2 emissions
  • Weight reduction
  • Replacing steel reinforcement with statically effective fibres
  • Avoiding resource scarcity through the use of recycled materials
  • Clinker cement reduction and fundamental reduction of cement to minimum specified volumes
  • Development and application of pioneering concrete formulations with general building inspectorate approvals (abZ), which significantly reduce the cement content in concrete

Bton's technology and processes and in-house-developed concrete mix designs enable the production of standardised, environmentally optimised and climate-positive concrete of all exposure classes (including lightweight concrete) using locally available resources.

In addition, Bton has developed concrete recipes that do not require any cement (geopolymer concrete). At the same time, concrete recipes have been developed that reduce the cement clinker content to approx. 50kg/m³ while maintaining identical technical concrete properties.

General building inspectorate approvals (abZ) have been submitted to the DIBt (German Institute for Building Technology) for these pioneering concrete formulations for Germany. The next step is to seek European approval.

Bton produces prefabricated concrete parts on an industrial scale at its plant in Germany.

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