Our climate-positive precast concrete is not only carbon-negative.

It is 40% lighter, uses less total concrete, uses 40% less water, uses cheap, locally available, previously unusable aggregates and does not require steel.

Our production is circular, using recycled concrete and other industrial waste products.

We are not a sustainable company. We are a regenerative company.

 USPs & Characteristics:

Proprietary Technologies and Process

Our Concrete is Carbon-Negative:

We reduce the clinker content in cement, which is responsible for 88% of CO2 emissions in concrete. We also reduce the total amount of cement we use by 40%.

We redesign the concrete mix using recycled materials and upcycling waste, such as fly ash and blast furnace slag, to improve the specifications of our concrete mix.

We regenerate the mix, utilising CO2-negative materials.

This means that our concrete absorbs more CO2 than it emits.